Partnership Opportunities

Hybrid clinical trial experts taking part in this industry-specific forum know they can’t execute successful DCTs alone. They require actionable strategies and implementations from service providers working in the realms of CROs & DCT Platform Providers, Data Analytics & AI and Enabling Technologies providers.

Therefore, if you offer services that can assist Clinical Operations and Digital Health teams in effectively managing remote data collection, using AI software to integrate different datasets, or digital health products, to name a few, this summit is for you.

Collaborate with us to create a bespoke partnership package that aligns with your preferences, ensuring you connect with the individuals you want, in the matter that suits you best. Whether through presentations, one-on-one meetings, booths, private dinners, take advantage of this opportunity to spotlight your solutions and achieve your business development objectives.

This meeting is the ultimate forum to showcase the quality of your services and network with clinical trial planners and decision makers. Simply get in touch today.